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" Your book has arrived, Madame. And I dare say it is a jolly good read ! "

     This is marriage? This is war! Lily steps out of the tired old habit of always letting Leon have his way. This time she turns the status quo into quid pro quo and gives him a run for the money. And while she's at it, with a little help from her friends, she breaks the mold of Lily Gold. But does she have what it takes to create a new Lily--a Lily's renaissance?    
      Lily Gold's journey is the journey of every woman who wants it all--love respect, personal fulfillment, and real happiness.
Praise for Lily Steps Out:

". . . story is engagingly written. The voice is shrewd, sharp, funny and yet tender." - Joyce Carol Oates

"Charming and carefully observed, Lily Steps Out is a First Wives Club for the new millenium. Lily will win your heart as she comes of age. A great read." - Kevin Misher, producer of Public Enemies

". . . the writing is lively and true to life." - Francine Klagsbrun, columnist and author of Married People Staying Together in the Age of Divorce.

"With wit and wisdom, Rita Plush proves F. Scott Fitzgerald wrong--there can be second acts in American lives." - Charles Salzberg, author of Swans Last Song 

"It's refreshing to see a novel about people whose desires and disappointments are so like our own." - Phil Wagner, editor/publisher, The Iconoclast


    "Rita Plush is a first-time novelist making a bold go of it. In “Lily Steps Out,” Ms. Plush has chosen a story clearly close to home and close to her heart, and she is faithful and engaging in the telling of it. Ms. Plush’s handy way with dialogue and details marks the lively tale of one Lily Gold and her transformation from homemaker to entrepreneur.
    At the opening of the novel, Lily Gold finds herself thus": see more

      Empty nest, retired husband... after thirty-three years of marriage as wife mother nursemaid, and family mediator, Lily Gold has had it! There must be more to life than making beds and cooking dinner. A lot more, she discovers, when she decides she needs something of her very own--a job!
      Re-entering the workforce is harder than it seems, and Lily has difficulty finding a position that's just right for her. When she finally does, she knows it's a perfect fit. But husband Leon wants no part of it, and off he goes to the bank to put the kibosh on her chance of opening her own antique center.

Lily Steps Out