Rusty doesn't know what to make of Walter's reaction until he reveals the details of the accident he thinks he caused as a teenager, and the gilt that has tormented him all his adult life.   

     When a smooth-talking con man puts two and two together, 'by the way' mentioning that he once knew Rusty's father, and also her mother - they apparently had a 'thing' some years back - she realizes he's after something. She decides it's time to find out the truth, and find her father. Until she does, she can't fully commit to the life she hopes to share with Walter.

      Rusty's emotional rollercoaster ride is full of twists and turns that teach her and those around her about losing love and finding it, and what it means to be a family.

Praise for Feminine Products:

"Move over, Susan Isaacs, Rita Plush gives us a sassy female protagonist who spouts wisecracking girlspeak, gems of feminine gumption, and knows Gucci from Pucci."Debra Scott, journalist, editor, writing coach.

"Just like her writing for BoomerCafe'.com, Rita draws you in and keep you there. Especially if you're a boomer yourself"!Greg Dobbs, co-founder,

"Great read about how to run a fashion boutique, consider marriage, get conned,  and wonder about your long-gone father. Mystery and romance with a dash of spunk." Maggie Bishop, author of "Murder at Blue Falls"

"Plush goes for the unexpected and raises the stakes higher. Never a dull moment."

MoniqueAntonette Lewis, founder of

"Now here's a writer with some fizz. Rita Plush, funny and dialogue-fluent, takes us beyond the 'feminine products' found in a a bathroom medicine cabinet to the ultimate one, progeny-unplanned, no less. Ladies, you want the way we live now? it's  all here, from emotionally stunted men and a missing ne'er-do-well father to a Woody in cowboy boots. And then there's your heroine, a DIY kinda gal making a go of it as a clothier. Like Plush herself, she's someone we need to hear more from. The East Hampton Star


There are many stories that focus on the abandoned child who overcame obstacles and made something of his or her life. Rarely do such inspiring stories explain the accuser’s side as Rita Plush does in her second novel, Feminine Products.…see more


  Feminine Products

      Everyone's got personal baggage, but Rusty Scanlon thinks she's carrying more than her fair share. Owner of a trendy boutique in the outskirts of New York City, Rusty has an eye for fashion and a gift for messing up her love life. She doesn't trust men. They've all run out on her--the first being her carpenter father, who abandoned her when she was only six years old. When she meets Walter Margolis, a guy who adores her, she thinks she has it all. Not so, she discovers when she tells him she's pregnant and he suggests a paternity test. 

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